Taste Me Mama is a new-to-market range of Ghanaian chilli sauces.

We were briefed to create a story-telling identity for this new and unique brand of table sauces that are made to an old recipe, passed down through generations of a Ghanaian family. Our biggest challenge was to ensure maximum stand-out in an already saturated section of the supermarket. This would be key in encouraging the consumers to break their behavioural habits and purchase something new and different.

Surprisingly, with only a handful of exceptions, the sauce section of the supermarket shelf is unexpectedly bland – presenting us with an opportunity to create impact and disruption with a visually different approach. Our response was to create a digitally illustrated look and feel for the brand. This, combined with the typeface, pattern and texture, hinted at the handmade nature of the product, whilst the use of African animals brought to life the product’s roots.

Meat Artwork
Fish Artwork
Veg Artwork

The overall result is bold, relevant and eyecatching brand, and crucially, one that popped off the supermarket shelves. The trio of flavours created a ‘series’ that were attractive enough for the consumer to feel encouraged to collect and buy all three. A feast for the eyes every bit as much as the tastebuds.

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