Forecast Design was established in 2011 on a foundation of ‘around the clock’ dedication to help brands find their voice in a crowded market.

Our founders, Edward and Paul started Forecast whilst still holding down full-time jobs at international design agencies in London. By investing every spare moment into building the business, they quickly developed a reputation for delivering inspiring solutions for their clients. These early years provided a platform which gave clients a unique opportunity to access a wealth of global brand experience for small agency fees.

We have now flourished to become an integrated agency boasting a wealth of experience, a diverse team of creatives and an impressive client folio. But we haven’t forgotten where it all began – and so wanted to pay homage to those early years by celebrating exactly how we started out.

For this story, we have used the Forecast truck as our avatar. As the focus point of our animation, the truck is used to bring to life those years of journeying around London; drumming up business, meeting with clients, attending meetings and crafting ideas for our clients back in the studio. Whatever the time – day or night – we just kept going.

The scene is intentionally busy. You may even need to watch it a couple of times to pick up on all the small details - this is no accident. We live in a busy world; businesses are constantly vying to capture our attention. So it’s imperative to cut through the clutter. After all, there are thousands of creative agencies out there - but how many can ensure your message gets heard? We believe we can – and we pride ourselves on creating campaigns and brands that disrupt and cut through the noise.

Forecast Studio
Bus Stop
Tube Station

We were reluctant to release the animation with no backstory, and so opted to launch with a teaser still first. This had the advantage of giving us something to plug on social media which gave hints to the 3D world we were about to reveal. To this end, elements of the full animation were extracted and used in an energetic and compelling lock up.

We’re particularly pleased with this piece of work – so much so that we wanted to show it off by using it as a recurring theme throughout our branding in 2018. Indeed, we’ve already rolled it out across all of our stationery and digital touchpoints to provide a consistent and overarching brand piece.

Extending the branding further, we have created a holding page featuring a visual of the Forecast studio under construction which is used on those occasions when our website needs to be taken down for maintenance.

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