We created the brand identity for Aesthetiks, a start-up sportswear company, who wanted to position themselves as a viable alternative to the global brands monopolising the industry.

Our challenge was not only to create a clothing brand that consumers would be proud to wear, but to design and build an ecommerce app that would showcase the entire Aesthetik’s portfolio and facilitate purchase.

To really get into the mindset of who we were targeting, we ran a series of consumer research workshops. This unearthed some invaluable insights that helped us ensure we got the strategy right. The most common trend to emerge was that the market as a whole is overwhelmingly image-conscious: you could produce the world’s best quality top – but if it didn’t look right or have the right logo, your brand wouldn’t stand a chance.

Clearly then, it was imperative that we came up with an identity that not only captured the quality and style of the brand, but that the consumer would want – and be proud – to wear. Looking at the marketplace, this seemed to manifest itself in simple, stylish and instantly recognisable logos. So, taking our lead from other successful sports brands, we created the AK monogram. A logo that symbolises everything Aesthetiks stands for – quality, strength and versatility.

With our initial identity complete, we moved on to focus on the ecommerce app. Aesthetiks needed a digital platform that would allow them to showcase their entire range – men’s, women’s and youth. With literally hundreds of products to consider, it was essential that the app was as streamlined and intuitive to navigate as possible.

The Aesthetiks identity has now been implemented across many touchpoints – testament to its versatility – and can now be seen on everything from the clothing itself to bags, labels, stationery and advertising. The ecommerce app has also been successfully launched and is already seeing positive results. So, all in all, the brand would seem to be in very good shape.

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