Forecast Design is a fully-integrated, independent agency, working across creative disciplines.

We blend objectivity with experience and curiosity with expertise to provide game-changing solutions to creative problems. Our diverse services allows you a single point of contact for all your design needs, be it branding, digital or content design. This means that we can produce a consistent, cohesive and truly integrated approach for your brand.

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Who we are

Founded by school friends Paul and Edward in 2011, Forecast Design was born through the mutual passion of wanting to help brands find their purpose and voice in a crowded world.

With creative hubs in London and Suffolk, we believe that every brand is a story waiting to be told — and we tell those stories with words that inspire, strategy that motivates, and creative work that engages. We ensure a hands-on creative process that keeps our clients in touch with the key creatives who shape their projects. After all, strength comes in the calibre of creatives and clients, not the number of staff.

What we do

In a world full of information overload, you have to shout to stand out. But being loud isn’t about using bright colours and bold typefaces. It is about making an impact and a difference – having a clear vision that is communicated effectively, using timeless design and developing a memorable personality.
We create bespoke, intelligent solutions for our clients, positioning brands with clarity and impact through a combination of technology, culture, experiences, innovation and design.

How we do it

We understand that every brand has a story— it may be very simple or something more deep-rooted. Either way, it needs to be engaging. We bring your stories to life, using our collaborative four-step process:



We believe getting the right information at the start of any project is crucial. We do this by facilitating an open and meaningful conversation, to help us truly understand exactly what it is we want to achieve together.



We pride ourselves on the fact that you will always work with the founders of our business. We realise that it is real collaboration that breeds true success - so following on from our initial chats, we will unlock the unique value of your brand.



Whether it’s a total rebrand, a responsive website or an annual report, we dive into our boxes of skills and expertise to provide a compelling solution to your brief that will liberate the untold potential of your brand.



While other agencies may think ‘job done’, we pride ourselves on keeping the close relationships we’ve built. We understand that a true partner is hard to come by, so will continue to support your brand whenever and wherever needed.


Our solutions are designed to deliver results. From branding that breathes life into your story, to digital platforms that encourage engagement and campaigns that drive consume reaction — and action.
  • Strategy

    Brand Strategy
    Brand Positioning
    Product Positioning
    Social Strategy

  • Creative

    Visual Design

  • Digital

    Digital Content
    UX & UI
    Web & Mobile Design

  • Content

    Aerial Photography
    Product Photography
    3D / Post Production
    Animation & Motion
    Film Creation


Forecast Design were fantastic in taking my rough concepts and turning them into the finished, final product. Their design ideas were of a very high standard and that of which you would expect from any of London's top design agencies. We will definitely be using them again.

- Sam Edwards | Social Acumen

Forecast Design had a massive hand in turning my business into an industry leading brand. I really enjoyed how they encourage you to join them in the creative process, making their clients feel valued and involved.

- Sabrina Zeif | Kitchen Thyme

I have been very impressed by Forecast Design’s ability to deliver a brand identity that perfectly symbolises my vision. Work was turned around quickly, and I really appreciated their flexibility, efficiency and professional approach from concept to final product.

- Joe Leckie | Aesthetiks Sports Clothing

Working with Forecast on an ongoing basis has been fantastic. From start to finish, we’ve experienced nothing short of prompt, accurate delivery that is on time and on budget. And it is because of that, we will be using them again.

- Karen Barnes | Blue Star HR

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